SilentManager Unveil ‘Hot’ New Product

In February, Australian bookmaker, Betstar, became the first client to launch a Tipping website based on SilentManager’s new game format, the ‘Streak Predictor’. Betstar’s Hot Streak Footy Tipping is based on the simple premise of users having to make the longest chain of correct predictions on the outcomes of matches in each round of the three main ‘footy’ codes - AFL, NRL and Super Rugby.

The new interface is already proving a huge hit for Betstar’s customers, who can either tip a single fixture each in round to cautiously build up their streak, or several, in the hope of suddenly propelling themselves to the top of the league ladder. As well as being perfect for the gaming industry, the new multi-game platform, will have an exciting impact on SilentManager’s Predictor and Tipping game offering to its global clients.

Betstar have obviously capitalised on the Australian love of footy, but the product control of the Streak Predictor can be applied to a limitless number of single and combinations of events and can provide ultimate engagement in keeping game players hooked on the outcomes.

To view Betstar's Streak Predictor Game, please click here

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