A Dirty Job; but SilentManager can do it

IIn part of an initial two game deal, Factory Media, Europe’s largest Action Sports media owner, commissioned SilentManager to develop a new and innovative Dirt Magazine fantasy game for their enthusiastic Mountainbike audience. In under a month, SilentManager set to the task of restructuring site templates and game databases to accommodate a completely new sporting genre and the finished product was launched in late April ready for the first scoring event – the Pietermaritzburg stage of the World Cup on 23rd/24th April.

Based on the Downhill events of the UCI World Cup and World Championship, Dirt Fantasy League enables users to select 4 male riders and 1 female to create their ultimate Mountainbiking team. Points are scored depending on their chosen riders’ qualifying and final position for each Downhill stage they compete in. A simple and flexible formula; one which has worked for Dirt by attracting 6,000 users into the game who compete for the chance to win a bike provided by the game’s sponsor, Trek.

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