SilentManager Unveils Exciting New Product for 2013!

In our quest to constantly innovate and diversify our products, we are incredibly excited about the launch of our new Sales Challenge game in 2013. Our research has shown that the following are some of the challenges faced by sales forces today:

• Motivating multiple sales teams on a national/international scale.
• Communicating company goals and objectives directly to employees.
• Managing product launches involving multiple groups scattered across multiple locations.
• Finding new and innovative ways of driving revenue in a competitive market.

We’ve developed a game that provides solutions to these problems, and motivates staff to upsell specific products by converting real time sales figures and performance data into an interactive game mechanic via a dynamic interface. Sales teams compete against each other in a fun and easy-to-follow format, which stimulates light-hearted competition and camaraderie. Whilst the ‘social’ feature (exclusive to your company) smoothes communication channels between management informing staff of special promotions and company objectives. Look out for this one in the new year!

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Contact Information:

Jon Trigg


UK: t. +44 (0)1273 916141