Engaging Audiences through Social Media

SilentManager now has the ability to run Facebook fan pages on behalf of our clients – users can post comments, share links and upload photos, which help to build an online community focused around the game. This in turn means users spend more time around your brand!

Wider audiences can also be reached by improving the your Facebook presence, as it enables us to target specific user demographics that go hand in hand with your brand. We can also collect useful information about the users playing your game, through Facebook Insights and Google Analytics. Our reports now include info such as where people are playing your games, their age and gender as well as key stats for various aspects of the game – dwell time on the site, average sign up rates for different stages of the game, page visits, ad tracking etc.

Want to maximise your social media presence with minimal effort? We can also synchronise your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that tweets post to the wall of your Facebook fan page as well as the home page of the game… If you’ve got a message that you want to reach an audience with, we’ve got the means to make it happen!

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