SilentManager; the fantasy sports game specialists have launched a Fantasy Ashes Games for ABC as part of their new look ‘Grandstand Sport’ website.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia’s largest broadcasters, are using a fantasy cricket game as key content to boost existing online coverage of the Ashes. The ABC have recently re-launched their new look ‘Grandstand’ sports website, and by adding interactivity with games such as their new ‘Ultimate Ashes’ game are hoping not only to attract back existing users, but also a new breed of online sports fan who will also be cross promoted to the new look Grandstand portal from their broadcast mediums, radio and TV.

ABC are using the popular fantasy cricket game format as a tool to overcome potential issues which could arrive due to the matches taking place in opposite time zones. The effectiveness of the game is expected because it gives game players a reason to log onto the Grandstand portal first thing in the morning as they arrive for work to check out their fantasy Ashes team performance overnight. ‘Whilst on the site they can then migrate to other areas of Ashes and news content within Grandstand’ comments Jon Trigg, Managing Director of SilentManager.

The Grandstand Sport Portal Fantasy Ashes game has been designed by SilentManager to deliver several other marketing objectives; repeat visits throughout campaign, increased page impressions, and increased average time on site and ultimately to generate an online community who become frequent visitors to ABC online content.

‘The effectives of fantasy games in driving on-air listeners and viewers to websites has already been proven with broadcasters and print media in the European and Asian markets’, adds Trigg. ‘ We believe this trend will become apparent for the ABC in leveraging off the radio rights and TV highlights rights in engaging Australian cricket fans with their online coverage’, concludes Trigg.

The Ashes starts on the 8th July 2009 and will be eagerly followed by Australians globally.

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