Speed TV Launch Fantasy F1

US Broadcaster and number motorsport website, Speed TV, launch their first ever Fantasy F1 game with SilentManager, the fantasy games specialist (

Speed TV, part of the Fox Network launched their first ever F1 game in anticipation of rejuvenated US interest in F1 off the back of a promised US F1.

The Fantasy F1 game allows the participant to build and manage their F1 team, which includes 3 drivers, an engine and a constructor. The added fun for the game player is they can choose a bonus circuit to score double points on.

Speed TV have integrated the game with content on their website and TV shows, where a ‘Pundits League’ allows game players to view their teams performance and compete against Speed TV commentators/experts.

“The opportunity to work with Speed TV is one we’re very pleased with” comments Jon Trigg, Managing Director of SilentManager. “As part of the Fox Network they have a proven record of witnessing how successful fantasy games can be at increasing site traffic and loyalty and we’re extremely excited about being able to supply Fantasy F1 as a non US based fantasy game provider”.

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